What Type of Marketing Works Best?

I got that question the other day and my answer was well that depends. It seems there are quite a few opinions around the internet about what works and what doesn’t work to build a business. Whether it be network marketing, direct sales, or any type of program for that matter where “marketing” is the key ingredient.

A lot of the experts say you can’t build a business using ‘warm market” anymore the days of building a list of 100 people has become extinct like the dinosaur. That is simply not true, I personally know of a lot of the biggest organizations in the history of networking have been built this way. Some of the biggest paychecks have been made through “warm marketing” approach techniques. THE PROBLEM IS FOR MOST PEOPLE do not feel comfortable doing it, they feel intimidated by it. When their friends pop the $69,000 question? How much are you making and you say well I am just starting out unless your self esteem is at a high level you will probably sink under the chair your sitting in. “Warm marketing” works big time but if you are not comfortable with it you are not going to be successful using that approach.


Another online marketing guru said there is no way you can “buy leads” and sit and call trying to recruit and build a business. Well that is not true either I know a lot of marketers who call anywhere from 100-250 leads per day 5 days a week and that is all they do. Now if you are the type of person who doesn’t like rejection and you absolutely hate doing it then you are not going to build a profitable business. It is like going to the dentist and trying to enjoy it!

There is a definite “skill set” and comfort level to each and every individual marketer. It is your quest to find which marketing technique works for you and become an expert in that technique period. Building a business has to be within your comfort level not somebody elses. There are many roads to getting wealthy pick one, they can all lead to the same place. “ALL MARKETING WORKS” if the person behind it has prepared properly and his/or hers belief level is where it should be. Your posture is more important than technique.

Different types of marketing available to you to build a business may include 1.) warm marketing. 2.)buying leads,phone work (voice broadcasting) 3.)Direct mail. 4.) Postcard marketing. 5.)Pay per Click (google) 6.)Social networking, web 2.0, video marketing, blogging, 7.) Self-funded proposals, where your advertising pays for itself. 8.)Signs, magnetic for cars, telephone poles etc. 8.) Attraction marketing the new craze in today’s internet world. From the above you should get my point.

Rest assured that “a millionaire” from each one of these techniques has been made. Back to my point ALL MARKETING WILL WORK, if the right person behind it believes and masters the little nuances of each technique.

Your goal is to find your “NICHE” and learn everything you can, to be successful. I am done over and out.

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