What is Direct Mail Advertising and How Can You Use it to Profit?

As consumerism has developed, so has the need for marketers to promote products in order to be at par with the competition. There are many forms of marketing and advertising strategies that are employed by advertisers and retailers. Direct mail advertising is the most common and prolifically used marketing technique adopted by many advertisers and is followed by telemarketing, email marketing etc, with decreasing levels of prevalence.

A large chunk of the mails delivered to homes in the US comprises of direct mail marketing advertisement catalogues, brochures and order forms. The most important aspect of a mail advertising campaign is the catchiness of the subject line and the draw of the words contained within the letter or mail. An offer of receiving free samples or enclosed CD’s are very tempting and the receiver invariably opens the form to check out such contents.

Direct mail advertisers can choose among a wide range of options ranging from simple letters that are minimally personalized to highly personalized mails that are much more effective. These direct mail ad campaigns target specific groups of people in a locality or based on their consumerist patterns and purchase power.

There are also mailing lists that are prepared after considerable research that specifically filters out target recipients for certain types of products. The information regarding a prospective consumer is collected either at the time of making a purchase or procured from mailing list providers who specialize in this kind of business. The advancement of technology has greatly enhanced the accuracy of such selection and continues to do so.

Some advertisers also make it a point to keep track of their previous customers to whom information and catalogues concerning upgraded products and recent additions are sent. There is a chance that a baseball enthusiast might be interested in the recent products that are on offer and is willing to purchase again. Inclusion of catalogues and additional order forms along with invoices is also a common practice. The cost of marketing via direct mail is not prohibitive and does not cut into the profits that are gained through the leads generated through this form of advertising.

The good thing about direct mail marketing is that it gives the marketer a choice to target specific audiences who are most inclined to purchase a product.

The downside is that not everybody likes to receive direct mail in their mail boxes that they didn’t ask for. This form of advertising though affordable is more costly then other marketing techniques such as telemarketing. Direct mail marketing is also popular with politicians who use it for their political campaigns as it lends a personal touch while at the same time reaching out to the public, en masse.

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