Real Estate Marketing Strategy

The #1 Mistake agents make when conducting real estate marketing to FSBO’s and Expired Listings is expecting them to convert immediately.

During this first 48 hours the seller is bombarded with solicitations, but fewer than 15% followup longer than 2-3 weeks. Studies show the majority of Expired Listings convert 3 to 6 weeks after withdrawal, but it can be months. In addition, almost no agents we surveyed went after a FSBO in order to get a buyer client, but the few that did often ended up getting their listing as well, assuming they delivered a professional experience. These days, using hands-free automation systems can automatically follow up by postcard, report, or greeting card as well as provide reminders to call. Furthermore, subscription services can provide leads of FSBO and Expired Listing sellers.

All real estate marketing is of course centered on the basics. That said, setting up these basics for your agents, or better yet, a broker or franchise owner doing the marketing and then reducing splits or charging a referral fee can enhance the company bottom line, increase recruiting, and help retain top agents by developing leads to give away.

Those basics fall into two camps, which are not mutually exclusive; both should be used in conjunction for maximum profits. Those camps are the “Bait / Response” “free report” marketing made popular in the real estate industry by agent Craig Proctor and the various 1-800 call capture companies based around consumer direct marketing. The other camp is “By Referral Only”, most systemized by the Brian Buffini organization.

Many agents and brokers developing their real estate marketing systems choose one or the other, but that’s a mistake: they provide separate functions, and also provide differing results especially in a soft or balanced market. A perfect database referral marketing system will generate leads, however, fewer of those leads will qualify or pull through in a soft market. Consumer direct marketing can easily adapt to any market by changing headlines and key offers. While entire books can and have been written about headlines, we have found a few formulas that constently work:

Secrets. Everyone wants a competitive advantage.
Mistakes. Nobody wants to make one!
Process-Motivated headlines, such as Sell your Home 37% faster with these 3 Hidden Strategies! – these are designed to appeal to a select group
Pain Amplifiers like “Avoid Denial”
Leaving someone hanging with _________ like this to make people notice what’s missing.
All consumer direct marketing is based on outgoing message, delivery media (internet, postcards, flyers, billboard, whatever) and call-to-action (i.e. call for more info, call me for a free consultation).
Recently, a more common problem to real estate marketing

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