How to Survive As a Freelance Writer – 3 Ways of Putting the Focus on Marketing

As you learn more about the art of being a freelance writer you’ll discover the three areas you need to concentrate on. But you still need to do specific things. You need to pick the right techniques in order to focus on those areas.

One of those areas that you need to focus on in order to survive is marketing yourself.

In this article, I’m going to show you three techniques to help you survive.

1. Always be marketing.

Many freelance writers get short term gigs. Write me an article. Write me a book. But many of them also end up getting long term projects. Write all our documentation for the next six months. Write our weekly newsletters and blog entries for the next six months. And let’s face it. You became a writer to write not to market. Unfortunately, it’s part of the job. There are times when you are going to be tempted to let the marketing slide. Big mistake. You need to always be in marketing mode. You need to always be chasing the next customer and the next one after that

2. Identify a niche customer, a product and then network and connect.

As a freelancer, you can’t afford to be chasing work all over. You need to pinpoint, target and then dominate. The only way to do that is to determine a niche and the perfect product for that niche. Writing newsletters is okay. Certainly better than just writing anything. But writing newsletters for mortgage agents is better. Writing newsletters for reverse mortgage agents is even better still. Now you’ve got something that helps you identify your customers, what they want and where to find them.

3. Always look for marketing that doesn’t sleep.

Let’s face it. Marketing takes time. Marketing is work. And yet it’s not the work that you really want to do. Hey, that’s cool. You wanted to be a writer. If you wanted to be a marketer you’d be a marketer.

If the only type of marketing that you do is personal then you are going to have problems. What do I mean by personal marketing? Anything that requires you to be performing the marketing. Traditional networking for example requires you to be out meeting possible customers. Direct mail requires writing the sales letter, finding the addresses and sending out the mail. Cold calling requires you to make phone calls.

While these are all very effective, they take a lot of time and if you aren’t doing it, it isn’t getting done. Which means you can’t take vacation. You can’t write. You can’t even go to the doctor’s or play with your kids. Unless you are willing to lose on the marketing side.

To overcome this you need to look for marketing methods that work while you sleep. For example, websites and blogs only require your initial input. After that they work on their own. Direct mail can be done by others on your behalf. Giveaways and desk clutter works long after they are given as gifts. Using an agent is another technique that works while you sleep.

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