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How to Pick a Good Direct Mail Mailing List

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Do you have a good mailing list for your direct mail campaign? Hopefully you do, because your list is where the money is. You can have a great offer and a great sales letter, but if your list is wrong, then you won’t have any success. This is the importance of having a good mailing list.

You wouldn’t want to sell ice skates to people who live in hot Phoenix, Arizona would you? Of course not. Phoenix stays hot all year long, so trying to sell ice skates in a city that constantly stays about 80 degrees would be nonsensical. But believe it not, people make similar mistakes all the time.

One thing that you should never do when picking a list to mail to is to randomly select people out of your local phonebook. This is a very ineffective way of selling your products and should be avoided at all costs. You will find that almost 20% of the people that you mail to are no longer at the addresses that you compiled, and of the 80% that are there, little to none will respond back to you. Trust me, I would know.

Your goal should be to find out how you can reach your target market as effectively as possible. With a good system of finding targeted prospects, you can lay rest assured that your direct mail campaign will have the highest chances of success and that you won’t lose money in the process.

There are 2 kinds of mailing lists available to you and one is better than the other. The first list is the kind of list where you compile and get names from out of a phonebook. This is called a “compiled list”, and it’s the most ineffective way to do direct mail. The other kind of list is called a “direct response list”, and this list is far more superior than a compiled list.

Direct response lists are lists where you target people who have bought something. They could have bought from television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, or anywhere. This the best and most valuable list around, and you can find people who have bought this way in something called the “SRDS”.

SRDS stands for the standard rate and data service, and it is a complete book of mailing lists of people who have bought something. You would think that a resource like this is hard to attain, but believe it or not, you can go down to your local library and pick it up there. It’s 4-inches thick, and is something that can maximize your response rates in a heartbeat.

It doesn’t matter what you sell. In the SRDS, you will more than likely find a list that will be good prospects for what you have to sell. The best thing about this kind of list is that you don’t have to do any arm twisting in order to get them to buy something. They’ve already bought before and are more than likely to buy again soon.

When implementing direct mail campaigns, always use a direct response list. It’s the best kind of list available and can make you more money starting today. Good luck with yoru direct mail campaign.

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5 Reasons to Start Email Marketing Campaign

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Almost everyone in online business have heard about Email Marketing Campaign, what it does and how it can help if not save a business. But of course there are some who still doesn’t believe in the power of this new marketing technique. In this short article I will be giving you five reasons why you should consider trying email marketing right now, especially if you are looking for a way to increase your revenues. So to start things out let’s start with the definition of Email Marketing for the benefit of the beginners.

What is email marketing?

“E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. However, the term is usually used to refer to sending e-mails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or old customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.”

Email marketing can be used by any kind of business. Almost every one nowadays has their own email account and they are treating emails more personally than the conventional mails or letters. Others go online just to check their email message but will not spend time to surf the web at all.

Email marketing helps businesses of all types and sizes to see instant sales from existing customers while maintaining and building long-lasting relationships, which is the most important part in the success of any business.

“54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts.” Source: DMA Interactive

Here are the five reasons why you should start Email Marketing as one of your marketing strategies?

1. It is Less Expensive:

E-mail marketing campaigns are much more cheaper compared to other traditional marketing techniques like direct mail or print advertising. Email marketing is 20 times more cost effective and can cost as little as fractions of a penny per email.

2. It is More Effective:

Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects instead of waiting for them to return to your website or store. It is a highly effective way to increase traffic to your website or store, and build a good relationship to your customers and develop loyalty and trust.

“We’ve done radio, TV, direct mail, and national ads, including full-page ads in Teen Vogue and YM, but, by far, Constant Contact has had better results every time. We track all of our participants, and have found that more than 53% of them found out about us through the Internet or our email newsletter. Email marketing is only a fraction of the cost of print ads. It brings in a phenomenal ROI.”
(Constant Contact is a leading solution provider of email marketing campaigns.)

3. Get Immediate Results:

In just minutes after sending out your email campaigns, you can receive responses almost immediately. About 80% of responses to email campaign will occur within 3 days while traditional direct mail takes weeks. Well again, that is because people love emails.

4. Fully Trackable:

With email marketing campaign you can easily track the number of emails sent, the number emails opened, how many bounce back, how many unsubscribed and the number of click-through.
You can even tell who opened the emails and know which link generated the most clicks. That way you can adjust quickly and make decisions to your business which is very much critical since time is critical. With direct mails or other forms of advertising you’ll have to wait for weeks if not months.

5. It’s targeted, personalized and easier to create:

You can easily start an email campaign in just a matter of minutes. You don’t have to hire an expert to do this. If your business has some promotions you can easily create and send those email campaigns. Also it is targeted; you know that the recipient will love to hear about your promotion because that is the very reason why they signed up an email subscription. And instead of using Dear Customer they will see the message addressed to them like Dear Mr. Robinson, making it more appealing to the recipient.

“We needed a way to communicate with customers on a timely, consistent and more personal basis. Advertising in a weekly newspaper was only partially effective in accomplishing this. It was only through using the email services of Constant Contact that we were able to build a connection with our customers, in a timely, engaging, unobtrusive way,”

Email Marketing is being use now by a lot companies and is generating high revenues for them, one of them might be your competitor. Again time is critical in the online world, making decisions right away can greatly increase the chances of success for your online business. Email Marketing Campaigns can also help you get loyal customers as it builds a more personal connection with them.

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Direct Response Marketing

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As a savvy business entrepreneur (if I do say so myself!), I’ve learned quite a bit along the way about what works well (and not so well) when it comes to marketing strategies. Personally, I’ve had great success with a technique known as Direct Response Marketing, and by utilizing this method, I have greatly optimized the performance of my venture and reaped some prodigious rewards! For starters, Direct Response Marketing refers to a promotional technique that directly involves the response of consumers by soliciting from them a response to some type of proffered advertising element. Operations encompass both online and offline methods and are often characterized by the following:

• Some type of tendered proposition or offer
• The inclusion of necessary information required for the for the potential consumer to make a decision on whether to act in regards to said offer or proposition
• An overt “call to action”
• Clearly defined response channels (i.e., a website URL, a toll free phone number, an e-mail address, etc.)

If things are a bit slow for you in your venture and you think you may be able to benefit from the implementation of some easy-to-engage changes, then read on to discover some of the secrets to my success that may just help you, as well!

Tip #1: In case you already didn’t know, marketing IS everything!
From the get-go you have been aware of the old adage that “knowledge is the key to success.” Well, let me tell you, that is just the tip of the iceberg! It’s fairly evident that no matter how good you are at what you do, people can’t come to you if they don’t know you exist. That’s why it’s imperative for you to know how to get customers in the door and what methods to employ to snag high rankings for your website.

Tip #2: Your marketing strategy needs to be effective – in other words, it must get the attention of your target audience.
A successful marketing campaign will grab attention, entice and excite, elicit an emotional response, convey a message, propose an action-based incentive, and make said action as easy as possible to accomplish. Spice it up with something that creates a sense of curiosity – it’s no secret that most people are nosy as all heck! This tried-and-true method will have winning results virtually every time! Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to venture away from typical channels (i.e., yellow page ads – ugh! Boring!). Be creative and unique – people tend to shy away from the conventional advertising sales pitch. Interestingly, it’s been proven (and I have seen for myself) that simple news-style advertising elicits a greater response than higher-cost, color brochures for the simple fact that is doesn’t immediately intimidate the way a blatant sales pitch does – it just looks like news! Go figure…

Tip #3: Appeal to the egocentricities of the general public!
Let’s face it – we are all self-absorbed (OK, most of us, anyway, to some degree, at least), especially when it comes to our money! It’s just human nature… So why not appeal to that trait with your marketing tactics? Focus on what you can do for them. After all, aren’t you constantly wondering, “What’s in it for me?” when perusing information about something proffered? Of course you are… no need to deny it!

Tip #4: Gear your marketing efforts towards your target audience only.
Common sense should tell you that it’s a waste of time to market to those who are in no way, shape, or form interested in your offerings. This is easy to do in Direct Response Marketing, as you will generate leads that are genuinely interested in your product or service, and then you can follow up in detail with only those that express interest. This can save time and money in the long run and can most definitely yield the kind of results you crave!

Tip #5: Incorporate winning techniques into your marketing strategy and the customers will come to you!
There’s no bigger turn off for consumers than to be “sold” something. Let’s face it – we all like to think that when we shell out money for something, it was our own idea to buy said product or service! Choosing the right media to sell… um… rather, get your message across to the right people is imperative to your success. Modern technology has made this easier than ever, what with the inception of online forums, rampant blogging, and the popularity of social media sites. And an added benefit is that you can test out and track all your efforts to see how they benefit you! All you really need to do is get word out to the right people at the right time, and the results will be unprecedented, assuming you incorporate all the tips that I have presented for your benefit!

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Marketing Your Small Business Specialist Practice Without Breaking the Bank!

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The Small Business Specialist Community is a competitive landscape! It is true that many of us are leaders in what we do, and openly share our achievements, thoughts, aspirations and best practices, however at the end of the day, we are business people and we all have mortgages to pay, pay for the food we eat, clothes we wear and perhaps have families to take care of.

It is great to be community focused and share information with others, but we need to keep in mind that we are also business people, and in business, you are truly measured at the end of the day on how profitable your business is nothing else matters but profit at the end of the day.

Marketing for many SBSC members is an evil word. This stereotype needs to be squashed right now! I would like to share a teaching that I received earlier this year, and this is true for many of us that run our own businesses. Donald Trump mentions it in his book with Robert Kiyosaki. Business owners need to know how to sell. T. Harv Eker states in his business courses that marketing is the most important area for success in any business. You must understand how to market your business and services in order to grow.

Here are some marketing ideas that I would like to share with you that will not empty your bank account; in fact, these are marketing strategies that I use in my business everyday.

Article Marketing – Writing articles (like this one) immediately positions you as the expert in your field, if you are small business specialist focusing on security, you can write articles based on your area of knowledge. Once you have some articles completed, you can post them on websites like that will immediately get traction on the Internet. You will be amazed where your articles end up. Once you start gaining some confidence in your writing, remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, approach your local Chamber of Commerce chapters and other business groups including professional organizations and specialist communities that specialize in your area about publishing your work.

Blogging – Blogging is easy to do, there are many services on the Internet that can get you setup in no time. WordPress and Blogspot are just a couple of free blogging services that you can use today. Just like article writing, post your thoughts, ideas, strategies and other relevant information on your blog for others to read. When you have a blog you are the immediate subject expert. Tip: If you are looking at attracting potential business, keep your blog business focused, not technically focused.

Podcasting – Podcasting is the next evolution of blogging. The major difference with podcasting over blogging is that you are creating an audio or video piece to share your information. The nice thing with podcasting is now you can invite other subject matter experts onto your show and really position yourself as the overall expert. Podcasting takes time to do properly and there are many free services available to you.

Networking and Speaking – Simply put, get out and network. Volunteer to speak at your local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or other business events that attract your target market. When you are open to speak to a group, once again you position yourself as the expert. This approach to marketing our business as worked time after time. One big tip to this is to ensure you collect information about the people you are speaking to, so you can follow up with them. Many SBSCs fail here simply because they don’t follow up. You will hear follow up many times in this article; I cannot stress the importance of follow up enough. Tip: Be a teacher, not a speaker!

Direct Mail – Direct Mail is still an inexpensive method to market your business, however, your direct mail needs to be targeted to the business you want to attract. When you decide what your next direct mail will be, ensure that it is not overly technical and it hits the pain points that the prospective client maybe wanting to fix. One tip when it comes to a direct mail, you need to measure this effectively and also ensure you don’t overdo it. Why you may ask? You can send out 1000 direct mail pieces and you may get 100 new clients from it and if you are one person, how are you going to manage this? You need to plan. Also, just don’t send out a direct mail piece and pray for a return, it is critically important that you follow up on all your mail outs with a phone call follow up, this is where you get the meetings. Your focus needs to be on getting a meeting not on selling something.

eNewsletters – There is nothing better to keep in touch with your business partners, clients and those you network with than an electronic newsletter. Not a newsletter where you are selling something all the time. The best approach is to setup your eNewsletter as an educational tool, something to educate your prospective clients, existing clients and everyone who receives your network. Sign up with a tool like “Constant Contact” to manage your newsletter. A newsletter application that allows you to track which articles interest your readers, then use the click through stats to follow up with additional information.

Leverage the Press – Getting press time is a huge task, however, when you are successful is a wonderful way to position your business as the leader in your field. Press coverage can include newspaper, magazines, radio talk shows or television. Contact all the people in the press you can to tell them a story. Remember, the press wants story ideas all the time, not press releases or any that sounds like you are selling something.

Tell Your Client’s Stories – Nothing is more powerful to prospective clients that hearing about success stories you have had with your existing client base. This can be done with Win Wires or Client Success Stories that you do yourself or through a public relations firm. Many vendors have PR firms that they work with, find out who they are and send them everything you do. Your clients will also love the press coverage that they get from this as well.

Marketing takes time; you need to be persistent in your efforts. Rome wasn’t built in a day, chances that you will hit on your first effort are pretty slim. A prospective client normally takes six to ten touches before they buy from you. This is why you need many different approaches in your marketing. If it is an article, eNewsletter, networking event, direct mail, email or phone call, you need to remain persistent with your marketing.

Also, seek the help of others, especially if you are a technical person. Marketing requires creative touch. Creativity requires thinking from the other side of the brain, your creative side and not your analytical side. There are a number of great marketing coaches out there to help you, find one to help you or seek the help of your peers. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on “how to market” your SBSC business.

Marketing is a lot of try it and improve it. Don’t get discouraged, keep at it, results will come in time.

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