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Direct Selling Business – Top Tips for Success

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Direct Selling Business is a great career choice; although in this field, you determine where your career will be heading.

It’s rarely that somebody thinks success in sales are outside of the mentioned accomplishments; so let’s talk about how you can reach your goal to succeed in sales.

Direct Selling Business means marketing and bringing your products and services to your prospects. It’s not necessarily all about personal and door to door selling; however, it definitely involves networking and regular social interaction.

The beauty of direct selling is that it can be applied to any product that is out in the market. It is best for consumer products and related services. So if you’re offering consumer items, you are right to practice direct selling.

Direct Selling Business – Top For Tips Success

Since direct selling involves social interaction, the best methods you can utilize is the NLP marketing strategies. Here is an NLP 5 Step Process for effective selling:

1. Rapport means establishing a good business relationship by connecting with your prospects. You can easily build rapport with any person if you are willing to do the following:

Communicate – Talk to people in such a way that you are not just trying to sell, but you’re genuinely interested in serving them.

Pay attention – It’s hard to fake being interested in a person when you’re not, so it’s best that you pay attention and get curious about your prospect’s background and the stories they have to tell.

Smile – A simple gesture can make or break any deal. Flash a sincere and warm smile to project your willingness to connect and be accepted.

Listen – Don’t babble away just because you have so much to say and with so little time. Selling takes time, and in a Direct Selling Business, what you say is not nearly as important as what you’ll hear. Learn to listen and eventually you’ll be listening to learn. Knowing your prospects is the key to building a solid and harmonious business relationship with them.

2. Ask Questions – So now you understand how important rapport is to direct selling, you must also remember that it’s important to “know”. You can learn what you need to know by asking questions. Why guess when you can ask? Being careful not to be intrusive.

3. Identify A Need – Since you want to sell, you must target the spot where your products come in handy. Find out what your prospect needs and formulate an approach on addressing that need. Identifying the needs of your prospects will enlighten you on how to ensure sales success.

4. Linking The Need – After identifying what your prospect needs in whatever aspect your line of products can be related to – you must then link that need to the most suitable product you are offering. It is a better if you can provide your prospect several options, but make sure each and every product you lay on the table fits the client’s needs.

5. Closing – In a Direct Selling Business, the transactions always end with a closing. It is up to you whether the outcome or conclusion of a sales attempt will be positive or negative.

The outcome is highly dependent on your Closing technique. So to close a transaction the NLP way, you must identify your strengths and channel them into a powerful closing approach. Hit the spot wherein your prospect’s emotions and inclinations can be tapped. Make your prospect feels good about buying and convince them that you have given them a great offer.

Direct Selling Business has so much potential waiting to be explored. This article is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards success in sales.

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Direct Selling Models

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Trying to distinguish between the direct sales and multi-level marketing business models can be confusing. Typically, the direct sales model is based on the sales of retail products to consumers via independent representatives. The representatives are paid a commission on the products they sell. Sometimes the model will include a residual commission on the sales of the products that are sold by the representatives you have introduced to the business.

This is not always the case. Many top tier direct sales companies do not pay out a residual commission on team sales. Top tier companies usually operate on the philosophy of paying their representatives a very high commission in lieu of residual commissions. This is proving to be a popular alternative to the traditional models of direct sales and multi-level marketing.

The multi-level marketing model usually assumes that their customers will also become distributors and that distributors make up the main customer base. They commonly pay out commissions from the sales of a distributor’s “downline”. In theory, this allows distributors to sponsor new representatives into the business, thus building up a long term, residual income over time.

There are pros and cons to each business model. Generally speaking, the top tier direct sales model requires a higher initial investment. However, the commissions are very high and it requires very few sales to recoup your investment and be in profit.

The other models usually require a lower up front investment and are easier for the average person to get into. However, it takes a long time to recoup their investment. Most people never make their investment back. On paper, the residual income model looks great, but in reality, it is not about the numbers. The model is dependent upon the efforts and skills of a very large number of people. The fact that most people who get into a multi-level type of model usually quit within 90 days having produced no sales. This means that a distributor needs to continually recruit new distributors to replace the people who have quit.

In the end, you can actually be successful using either of the models. Your success doesn’t rest in the company or compensation plan or the product line. Your success depends on your effort, commitment and skill. Most would-be entrepreneurs seem to overlook the fact that their business is not the company or the products. Their business is marketing. Marketing is the skill that makes or breaks a business. If you know how to market, you will succeed. If you do not develop marketing skills, you will fail. It doesn’t really matter what business you are in.

Personally, having been involved with network marketing, traditional direct sales and multi-level marketing, I chose a top tier product line to market. It is a pretty simple deduction. Both business models require you to become a proficient marketer. Top tier product lines pay out commissions of $300 to $20,000 as opposed to $10 – $100. It takes no more work to sell a top tier product as it does to sell a low tier product. While the network marketing model theoretically allows you to build a residual income, in practice, that is rarely the case. There is simply too much attrition to keep your downline full of enough productive people to produce the income I require.

The choice was simple. Top tier direct sales has provided me with the vehicle I needed to produce the income I required.

You will find an introduction to the product line and marketing system that I use by clicking on the link below. If you are considering a business and you are enamored with the network marketing business model, you owe it to yourself to investigate further. Click the link below and do some due diligence.

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2 Inexpensive Ways To Market Your Offline Business

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I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the many advantages of starting your own small business, and it’s important to keep these things in mind as motivation for not giving up on your business. I know for me the reasons for going into business were as clear as day. I hated working at a job and was looking for ways to make money at home, while not having to put wear and tear on my vehicle to drive back and forth to work everyday.

You see when I first got started, I didn’t have much money. So I needed ways to earn money in my business that would help to serve to pay bills and have food on the table for myself. So even though I enjoyed the thought of having my own business, it was clear to me that I would have to do more things to make my business a success.

If you’re wondering what you can do to make your business a success, then you’ve landed on the right page. In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you some marketing strategies that you can use to propel and take your business to the next level. Here’s the first tool that you can use to make money in your offline business.

1) Val-pak

Have you ever heard of Val-pak? It’s like a mini-catalog of coupons, special offers, and deals from companies all over your city. And these Val-pak catalogs contain very useful coupons and deals that would cause anyone to jump at immediately. Needless to say, this is something that you should be incorporating in your business today.

Val-pak mails out thousands of their catalogs each month, so if you can advertise your products and services via this marketing medium, you stand a good chance for acquiring new customers for little to no cost to you. Here’s another way to earn more money in your business starting right away.

2) Card decks

A card deck is a package of postcards that gets mailed out to consumers. To have your ad or postcard featured in a card deck, you will pay anywhere near 2 to 5 cents to have your postcard included in this mix.

If you wanted to run a regular postcard, it would cost you around 40 to 50 cents just to mail them out. But they both have their pros and cons.

With a card deck, you’re competing against a wide variety of other business owners, trying to get their message out to the intended recipient. But if you can offer something for free, you’ll stand a good chance of getting your prospect to respond to your offer.

With a regular postcard, you have no competition. So you can reach your prospect, and have their undivided attention while they review your postcard. But on the flip side of things, it will cost you around 50 cents to mail one out. But this is pennies compared to the response that you can get with a postcard.

Both of these techniques are good for improving your sales and profits.

Good luck with using these strategies to making more money in your business.

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2 Marketing Techniques To Really Key-In On

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In today’s economy, you have to be on top of your game. There are so many competitors out there that it makes it hard to easily turn a profit in your business, but you should know that it’s still possible. All you have to do is revamp your marketing campaigns and consider using strategies that are known to boost your sales and profits in a hurry.

You can partially blame the economy for your slow sales, but even during down times, there are still ways that you can counteract from these tough times. How is this possible you say? Well really, it’s quite easy, and it all relies on the principle of direct response marketing.

Now I’m not sure what kind of marketing you have been doing in the past, but I think it’s time for you to change what you have been doing to make your business a success. How would I know? Because my business has been going through all kinds of changes that affects how I run my business.

So if you’re wondering how you can improve your sales and profits today, then you’ve landed on the right article! There are all kinds of things that you can do to improve your business revenue, and I think you should be starting to use them so that you can earn more money in the process. In fact, here’s one concept you can use to improve your sales and profits:

1) You can’t tell everyone “yes”

If you want to be in business for a long time, you have to know when to say “no”. You can’t be superman to everybody, so don’t try to attempt it. Instead, focus on running your business and when a customer asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, politely tell them that you don’t know, but that you can refer them to someone else who has the answer to the question for them.

You don’t have to be an expert at everything. The only 2 things you need to be an expert in is running your business, and knowing how to market your business – and don’t forget that. Here’s another tip that you should be aware of in your business.

2) Offer free samples

This is a great way to get people into your stores. Depending on the nature of your business, you can achieve this with much effectiveness. But even if your business can’t offer a free sample, you could offer something else for free. It could be a free report, a free consultation, a free sample, a free CD, a free brochure, or any of the above. Offering things for free will get a lot of sales to your business in a fast period of time.

If you think that you can earn a lot of money in your business using these tactics alone, then go for it. You will also want to include more helpful articles on your website so that people can come and read some more of your expert tips. So keep that in mind.

Both of these techniques for making more money in your business are essential to your business success. The sooner you can implement these techniques, the faster you’ll be able to make more money in your business.

Good luck with using these strategies to boost your business today.

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How to Survive As a Freelance Writer – 3 Ways of Putting the Focus on Marketing

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As you learn more about the art of being a freelance writer you’ll discover the three areas you need to concentrate on. But you still need to do specific things. You need to pick the right techniques in order to focus on those areas.

One of those areas that you need to focus on in order to survive is marketing yourself.

In this article, I’m going to show you three techniques to help you survive.

1. Always be marketing.

Many freelance writers get short term gigs. Write me an article. Write me a book. But many of them also end up getting long term projects. Write all our documentation for the next six months. Write our weekly newsletters and blog entries for the next six months. And let’s face it. You became a writer to write not to market. Unfortunately, it’s part of the job. There are times when you are going to be tempted to let the marketing slide. Big mistake. You need to always be in marketing mode. You need to always be chasing the next customer and the next one after that

2. Identify a niche customer, a product and then network and connect.

As a freelancer, you can’t afford to be chasing work all over. You need to pinpoint, target and then dominate. The only way to do that is to determine a niche and the perfect product for that niche. Writing newsletters is okay. Certainly better than just writing anything. But writing newsletters for mortgage agents is better. Writing newsletters for reverse mortgage agents is even better still. Now you’ve got something that helps you identify your customers, what they want and where to find them.

3. Always look for marketing that doesn’t sleep.

Let’s face it. Marketing takes time. Marketing is work. And yet it’s not the work that you really want to do. Hey, that’s cool. You wanted to be a writer. If you wanted to be a marketer you’d be a marketer.

If the only type of marketing that you do is personal then you are going to have problems. What do I mean by personal marketing? Anything that requires you to be performing the marketing. Traditional networking for example requires you to be out meeting possible customers. Direct mail requires writing the sales letter, finding the addresses and sending out the mail. Cold calling requires you to make phone calls.

While these are all very effective, they take a lot of time and if you aren’t doing it, it isn’t getting done. Which means you can’t take vacation. You can’t write. You can’t even go to the doctor’s or play with your kids. Unless you are willing to lose on the marketing side.

To overcome this you need to look for marketing methods that work while you sleep. For example, websites and blogs only require your initial input. After that they work on their own. Direct mail can be done by others on your behalf. Giveaways and desk clutter works long after they are given as gifts. Using an agent is another technique that works while you sleep.

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2 Tips For Direct Mail Marketing Success

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Direct mail is a topic that eludes many people. Even with training on how to do it right, most business owners still don’t know how to make it work. I was one of these people. I had bought books, CD’s, and DVD’s on how make direct mail work, but I always failed miserably.

Now in hindsight, the biggest reason I would say that my campaigns failed was because of my list selection. You see in order to do direct mail properly, you have to have a good list to mail to. And this list can either be specific, or non-specific. For your sake, you will want to go with the specific list.

There are all kinds of ways that direct mail can be “tweaked” to boost response – and this is what this article will focus on. To make direct mail more responsive for you, you have to do a few simple things that will increase the percentage of you making a sale. Let’s take a look at one of those ways that you can tweak direct mail to boost it’s responsiveness.

1) Use a stamp

A plain #10 envelope without a stamp resembles junk mail, and junk mail gets thrown into the trash. So to avoid this, you will want to use a real live stamp on your envelope, to give off the perception that this is relevant and personal mail. You see most companies today don’t use stamps. They use labels instead of stamps. This screams bulk mail.

Instead of having your envelope screaming “bulk”, use a stamp instead. It shows that the content is personal, and that it’s from someone that probably knows you in some sort of way.

To put a stamp on every envelope that you send out is a time consuming task. If done alone, it can easily take you days to put a stamp on every envelope. This is why most companies just use a label or a stamped imprint in the stamp section of the internet. Let’s take a look at another way to boost direct mail to improve the chances of success

2) Write it out

Instead of using a typewriter or computer to create the addresses on an envelope, write it out yourself. This will definitely boost your conversion rates. When you write out your envelope, your prospects will see that you put the effort into writing this ad, and they will definitely open it up to see what’s inside.

This is a great way to get your letters open. When was the last time someone wrote to you with a hand written address on the envelope? When people see that you take the effort to create your envelopes this way, they will open up your envelope just to see what’s inside.

These 2 tips for boosting the effect of your direct mail campaign will certainly do wonders for your business. I just hope that you take the chance to do it right so that benefit from the increased sales and profits that you could be earning. So start using these tips now.

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What is Direct Mail Advertising and How Can You Use it to Profit?

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As consumerism has developed, so has the need for marketers to promote products in order to be at par with the competition. There are many forms of marketing and advertising strategies that are employed by advertisers and retailers. Direct mail advertising is the most common and prolifically used marketing technique adopted by many advertisers and is followed by telemarketing, email marketing etc, with decreasing levels of prevalence.

A large chunk of the mails delivered to homes in the US comprises of direct mail marketing advertisement catalogues, brochures and order forms. The most important aspect of a mail advertising campaign is the catchiness of the subject line and the draw of the words contained within the letter or mail. An offer of receiving free samples or enclosed CD’s are very tempting and the receiver invariably opens the form to check out such contents.

Direct mail advertisers can choose among a wide range of options ranging from simple letters that are minimally personalized to highly personalized mails that are much more effective. These direct mail ad campaigns target specific groups of people in a locality or based on their consumerist patterns and purchase power.

There are also mailing lists that are prepared after considerable research that specifically filters out target recipients for certain types of products. The information regarding a prospective consumer is collected either at the time of making a purchase or procured from mailing list providers who specialize in this kind of business. The advancement of technology has greatly enhanced the accuracy of such selection and continues to do so.

Some advertisers also make it a point to keep track of their previous customers to whom information and catalogues concerning upgraded products and recent additions are sent. There is a chance that a baseball enthusiast might be interested in the recent products that are on offer and is willing to purchase again. Inclusion of catalogues and additional order forms along with invoices is also a common practice. The cost of marketing via direct mail is not prohibitive and does not cut into the profits that are gained through the leads generated through this form of advertising.

The good thing about direct mail marketing is that it gives the marketer a choice to target specific audiences who are most inclined to purchase a product.

The downside is that not everybody likes to receive direct mail in their mail boxes that they didn’t ask for. This form of advertising though affordable is more costly then other marketing techniques such as telemarketing. Direct mail marketing is also popular with politicians who use it for their political campaigns as it lends a personal touch while at the same time reaching out to the public, en masse.

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Finding Your Target Market And Brand Awareness

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After you’ve established your website and blog, submitted to search engines, and are starting to get favorable rankings, it’s also helpful to tart finding your target market directly. With millions of blogs and communities on the web today, it can be overwhelming to consider filtering out your target audience, but there are many ways to reach your audience, especially with today’s social media tools.

Traditional ways of finding your target market include doing a market research study, or analyzing reports. However, social media makes it much easier to find out who and where your target market really is.

Social networking sites such as MySpace, Ryze, Friendster, and even LinkedIN can be a direct lead to your target market, and all of them are equipped with search engines where you can locate groups and communities based on keywords.

For example, if you are running a website or blog that specializes in delivering real estate news, you may start your target market research by simply typing in ‘real estate group’ or ‘real estate community’ into any of the search boxes on these sites. Results will show you a list of blogs, communities, and discussion groups where people are already sharing information; this is your opportunity to join in and start promoting!

Many social media sites encourage setting up a profile and interacting on a daily basis; this is your opportunity to create an online presence and engage with potential visitors and customers directly. Your profile can be shared with thousands of people, and a simple link to your blog or website will help you boost traffic instantly.

Developing Brand Awareness and Why It’s Important

Both websites and blogs can generate extra traffic when you start making use of online tools and resources on a regular basis. Developing brand awareness involves sharing your blog and news to a variety of channels; with the growth in social media and niche communities, it is becoming even simpler to locate your potential target markets and present your site to thousands of people.

Brand awareness on the internet involves reaching a high search engine ranking, as well as developing an online community of interested readers. The first step in developing brand awareness is increasing your search visibility. A well-organized site or blog will be easily picked up by the search engines, and the more valuable your content is, the higher the chances that you will get search traffic.

Making the best of social media is another effect way to develop brand awareness. More people are becoming comfortable with networking online, and will often turn to social networking to discover new sites and share them with friends.

The more prominent your placement is on these sites, the easier it will be to become a well-recognized expert in the industry. Learning the basics about social networking, social bookmarking, and submitting your site to the right directories can help you increase your visibility considerably.

Making sure that the blog is regularly updated is another essential step. This is not only valuable to your readers, but you will be much more favorable to search engines as well. Search engines are always looking for the freshest and newest content on the web, and the more often your site or blog is updated, the higher the rankings will be at the end of the day.

The viral effects of developing your website or blog are another opportunity to develop brand awareness; your brand will quickly become recognized after people start linking to you, your content, and even providing feedback on your posts. The idea is to generate enough interest for your blog so that you are regularly staying in touch with potential customers and visitors.

Developing brand awareness also involves your credibility; the more that people find your site or blog to be valuable and turn to it as a resource, the higher the chances that you will build traffic fast and easily.

Building your brand will help you build a solid following of readers, subscribers, and eventually customers. These people will be very comfortable associating with you and your company, and will be much more likely to turn to your for advice, recommendations, and products. This is one of the most important parts of developing your online marketing strategy with success, and you can enjoy continual referrals and opportunities with a solid customer base.

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What Type of Marketing Works Best?

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I got that question the other day and my answer was well that depends. It seems there are quite a few opinions around the internet about what works and what doesn’t work to build a business. Whether it be network marketing, direct sales, or any type of program for that matter where “marketing” is the key ingredient.

A lot of the experts say you can’t build a business using ‘warm market” anymore the days of building a list of 100 people has become extinct like the dinosaur. That is simply not true, I personally know of a lot of the biggest organizations in the history of networking have been built this way. Some of the biggest paychecks have been made through “warm marketing” approach techniques. THE PROBLEM IS FOR MOST PEOPLE do not feel comfortable doing it, they feel intimidated by it. When their friends pop the $69,000 question? How much are you making and you say well I am just starting out unless your self esteem is at a high level you will probably sink under the chair your sitting in. “Warm marketing” works big time but if you are not comfortable with it you are not going to be successful using that approach.


Another online marketing guru said there is no way you can “buy leads” and sit and call trying to recruit and build a business. Well that is not true either I know a lot of marketers who call anywhere from 100-250 leads per day 5 days a week and that is all they do. Now if you are the type of person who doesn’t like rejection and you absolutely hate doing it then you are not going to build a profitable business. It is like going to the dentist and trying to enjoy it!

There is a definite “skill set” and comfort level to each and every individual marketer. It is your quest to find which marketing technique works for you and become an expert in that technique period. Building a business has to be within your comfort level not somebody elses. There are many roads to getting wealthy pick one, they can all lead to the same place. “ALL MARKETING WORKS” if the person behind it has prepared properly and his/or hers belief level is where it should be. Your posture is more important than technique.

Different types of marketing available to you to build a business may include 1.) warm marketing. 2.)buying leads,phone work (voice broadcasting) 3.)Direct mail. 4.) Postcard marketing. 5.)Pay per Click (google) 6.)Social networking, web 2.0, video marketing, blogging, 7.) Self-funded proposals, where your advertising pays for itself. 8.)Signs, magnetic for cars, telephone poles etc. 8.) Attraction marketing the new craze in today’s internet world. From the above you should get my point.

Rest assured that “a millionaire” from each one of these techniques has been made. Back to my point ALL MARKETING WILL WORK, if the right person behind it believes and masters the little nuances of each technique.

Your goal is to find your “NICHE” and learn everything you can, to be successful. I am done over and out.

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What is a Marketing Objective?

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In a Business Plan of a big and medium size organization, a Marketing plan is normally form the main component of the content in it. To a a great extend, the goal of the Business Plan are determined mainly by the Marketing Plan. It is true because a Marketing Plan deal the revenue generation for the business. The other components are the Financial plan, Product Development plan and other operational plans.

In a Marketing Plan, a marketing objective one of the key components. It highlight the the purpose of a business at a macro level and expressed in a form of Marketing direction and goal.

Marketing Direction

For a Marketing direction, it spell out the long term intention of the marketing for certain desired intention. It is a statement of intend that represents the highest stated of achievement for a business. Example of some common marketing objectives derived from excellence organizations are:-

  1. Brand Reputation
  2. Market Position
  3. Market Share

You can notice that the three marketing directions are very high level results of an organization and to achieve them requires the effort of the entire organization. In order to realize these directions, a form of measures are attached to to reflect either a direct result or a representative of it. This measures is known as the Marketing Goal

Marketing Goal

This is a tangible measure to the effect of the three directions expressly the most appropriate indicator. It is from this goal that strategies and key activities are developed to fulfill these goals. Therefore, it is utmost important that the goal established are directly reflective the intention of each directions. Example of the Goal may be as follows:-

  1. For Brand Reputation – the goal is to attain certain percentage in terms of Brand Preference among the competitors.
  2. For Market Position – the goal is to achieve top 1 position in the market segment in terms the highest ranked sales turnover
  3. For Market Share – the goal is to capture x percentage of sale turnover in the market segment such as 60%

Once a marketing objective is clearly articulated, then only can be roll down to the respective department for implementation. Read full illustration of a Marketing Plan here

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