2 Tips For Direct Mail Marketing Success

Direct mail is a topic that eludes many people. Even with training on how to do it right, most business owners still don’t know how to make it work. I was one of these people. I had bought books, CD’s, and DVD’s on how make direct mail work, but I always failed miserably.

Now in hindsight, the biggest reason I would say that my campaigns failed was because of my list selection. You see in order to do direct mail properly, you have to have a good list to mail to. And this list can either be specific, or non-specific. For your sake, you will want to go with the specific list.

There are all kinds of ways that direct mail can be “tweaked” to boost response – and this is what this article will focus on. To make direct mail more responsive for you, you have to do a few simple things that will increase the percentage of you making a sale. Let’s take a look at one of those ways that you can tweak direct mail to boost it’s responsiveness.

1) Use a stamp

A plain #10 envelope without a stamp resembles junk mail, and junk mail gets thrown into the trash. So to avoid this, you will want to use a real live stamp on your envelope, to give off the perception that this is relevant and personal mail. You see most companies today don’t use stamps. They use labels instead of stamps. This screams bulk mail.

Instead of having your envelope screaming “bulk”, use a stamp instead. It shows that the content is personal, and that it’s from someone that probably knows you in some sort of way.

To put a stamp on every envelope that you send out is a time consuming task. If done alone, it can easily take you days to put a stamp on every envelope. This is why most companies just use a label or a stamped imprint in the stamp section of the internet. Let’s take a look at another way to boost direct mail to improve the chances of success

2) Write it out

Instead of using a typewriter or computer to create the addresses on an envelope, write it out yourself. This will definitely boost your conversion rates. When you write out your envelope, your prospects will see that you put the effort into writing this ad, and they will definitely open it up to see what’s inside.

This is a great way to get your letters open. When was the last time someone wrote to you with a hand written address on the envelope? When people see that you take the effort to create your envelopes this way, they will open up your envelope just to see what’s inside.

These 2 tips for boosting the effect of your direct mail campaign will certainly do wonders for your business. I just hope that you take the chance to do it right so that benefit from the increased sales and profits that you could be earning. So start using these tips now.

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