Check Out These Commonly Made Mistakes by Network Marketers and Avoid Them to Save Time and Money

Network Marketing allows ordinary people to enter into a home based business at a relatively low capital cost. This rather humble beginning may one day be giving you a huge international distributorship from many countries that will provide you with a residual income for a life time. Here are the top seven commonly mistakes made by independent distributors. It does not matter what you sell. The root cause for most of the mistakes made lies in marketing and your personality type.

Before Joining

Number 1 Mistake:

Choosing the wrong sponsor. Often times, new distributors have no idea what it takes to build a successful home business especially if that was the very first time they were about to enter into the entrepreneurship world. Consequently they don’t know what attributes a quality sponsor should have. Most of the time, a sponsor seeks after them. They were being hunted instead of being the hunters. Very often they join because they have a good relationship with that sponsor. Because of their limited exposure to the direct sales industry, it is rather difficult for them to gauge the quality of potential sponsors and the MLM companies they represent. I was in that position. Even though I have worked with large corporate strategy and accounting forces during most of my career, direct sales industry requires a different set of skills. I did not have a clue.

I suggest to new people who are looking for a home based business before they sign on with any sponsor, they should prepare a list of questions which may help them to reveal the sponsor’s experience and strategy for building the business. The downside of this is they may not know the important questions to ask.

Number 2 Mistake:

Joining a sponsor that relies on the “traditional methods” of marketing. These include setting up home and hotel meetings, calling purchased leads and inviting friends and relatives for home parties. These strategies are highly ineffective nowadays and have much to do with the high attrition rate in network marketing. Attraction Marketing is a better marketing strategy where you learn skills to become a leader in your field so that you become the hunted instead of the hunter. You are able to add personal value and provide solutions to other people’s needs. As a result prospects are attracted to you. They are curious to know how you do it and wanting to have the same success you achieved.

Attraction Marketing is a FREE members site that coaches people from all walks of life to do this business successfully. It is unique and it is NOT about selling and convincing.

After Joining

Number 3 Mistake:

Talking too much and trying to sell to everyone. It is best to learn how to ask prospects open-ended questions so that you don’t come across as ‘desperate’ to try to convince them. Instead be in a relaxed and confident position that you are a leader and this causes the right people to want to work with you. An open ended question such as “what do you mean by pyramid selling” gives you a chance to speak less and make your prospect to talk more.

The reality is most people you talk with are not who you are looking for. They may appear to be keen “prospects” but actually they are only suspects, not prospects. They don’t have the drive, the persistence, the commitment or the focus to be an entrepreneur. They like their dreams but is not committed to do something to get to their goals.

Black Belt Recruiting is an inexpensive course that will help you to get out of “Sales Mode” and to be efficient in sponsoring without rejection. This course will help you to ask the right questions and thus will enable you to detect the right person to recruit.

Number 4 Mistake:

Talking big. This is a common mistake when a distributor oversells the business opportunity that they will be rich overnight or in a couple of years’ time. Most sharp people will detect this as phony and thus they will say no to you. Another consequence of big talk is imagine: a new distributor you recruited makes some quick money at the beginning and then nothing happens after that. What would he do? Probably quit in frustration.

What if you were to mention to the new distributor that to begin with this is a part time home business that may take 3 to 5 years to grow a residual income stream. During that time the prospect has new skills to develop. So if the person joins you and can see an increase in income over the months, it is less likely that he/she will quit as he/she understands that it will be a just matter of time before he/she reaches his goal of financial freedom.

Number 5 Mistake:

Talking too deep. Often times, new distributors will take upon themselves to want to learn everything before they talk to a single person. When your prospect hears your opportunity in such detail, they will back off. They have doubts in their minds, “Can I do this?” or “Do I need to know all this stuff before I earn a dollar?”

Remember, most people do not want another hard way of making money. They have struggled with just enough for most for their lives. Thus share with them just the basics of the financial opportunity and give them answers that are relevant to their questions.

Number 6 Mistake:

Talking bad about another MLM company. This is not only self-defeating but you appear to be unethical in your profession as a network marketer. Never try to run another company down by saying yours is better.

Instead of talking bad about someone’s products or business opportunity you could say that you once felt the same too but found this and that which lead you to make a decision for your current opportunity. Be humble and respectful to your prospect’s situation. He/she may listen to you or give you a referral.

Number 7 Mistake:

Losing money. Net cash outflow. Many times a new distributor has not got much to spend on marketing. Instead of wasting the time chasing a few quick bucks from someone who is unqualified, it is better to invest in learning a skill that will truly benefit other people. Having an opportunity to pitch is not a valuable exchange for money. Think of your MLM opportunity as a product. In some cases it may cost $500 to $1,500 to join plus monthly maintenance of, let say, $250 to remain active to receive the sales commission. This is a highly-priced product which may be difficult to sell. Don’t start with it.

Understand that the cheaper the product you’re selling, the easier it is to sell especially Internet online. This is because different people have different spending abilities and willingness to spend. Thus, the cost of your product and the number of buyers is undeniably inversely proportional.

Business opportunity seekers want to earn money. They don’t care about your company”s products and compensation plan. Thus give them some generic information or tips or anything that has got to do with solving their money problem. In exchange for your free generic information, ask them for their email address by designing a special yet simple to the point capture page that will grab the prospect’s attention immediately and entice them to leave their contact information.

But remember this: Even if you do a good job on the capture page, expect to lose a few visitors. The secret is to compel as many of your visitors as possible to just leave their email address.

Next your job is to earn some money by offering an inexpensive information product, let’s say, $20. You can get this type of information product through affiliate marketing ( that is selling other people’s product and you earn a portion of the sales) or do it yourself eBook. Just make sure the product is complementary to your primary product which is the business opportunity of your network marketing company.

With a little practice, you can get a few hundreds of visitors coming to your site daily and turning them into firstly “free product buyers” by offering them inexpensive products and then later on offer them higher cost products. With these free leads, you promote your business opportunity to this smaller but well able spending group. Hence marketing your business opportunity is a drip by drip process. In this way you build a trust relationship with them to enable you to increase your personal value to them.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

The #1 Mistake agents make when conducting real estate marketing to FSBO’s and Expired Listings is expecting them to convert immediately.

During this first 48 hours the seller is bombarded with solicitations, but fewer than 15% followup longer than 2-3 weeks. Studies show the majority of Expired Listings convert 3 to 6 weeks after withdrawal, but it can be months. In addition, almost no agents we surveyed went after a FSBO in order to get a buyer client, but the few that did often ended up getting their listing as well, assuming they delivered a professional experience. These days, using hands-free automation systems can automatically follow up by postcard, report, or greeting card as well as provide reminders to call. Furthermore, subscription services can provide leads of FSBO and Expired Listing sellers.

All real estate marketing is of course centered on the basics. That said, setting up these basics for your agents, or better yet, a broker or franchise owner doing the marketing and then reducing splits or charging a referral fee can enhance the company bottom line, increase recruiting, and help retain top agents by developing leads to give away.

Those basics fall into two camps, which are not mutually exclusive; both should be used in conjunction for maximum profits. Those camps are the “Bait / Response” “free report” marketing made popular in the real estate industry by agent Craig Proctor and the various 1-800 call capture companies based around consumer direct marketing. The other camp is “By Referral Only”, most systemized by the Brian Buffini organization.

Many agents and brokers developing their real estate marketing systems choose one or the other, but that’s a mistake: they provide separate functions, and also provide differing results especially in a soft or balanced market. A perfect database referral marketing system will generate leads, however, fewer of those leads will qualify or pull through in a soft market. Consumer direct marketing can easily adapt to any market by changing headlines and key offers. While entire books can and have been written about headlines, we have found a few formulas that constently work:

Secrets. Everyone wants a competitive advantage.
Mistakes. Nobody wants to make one!
Process-Motivated headlines, such as Sell your Home 37% faster with these 3 Hidden Strategies! – these are designed to appeal to a select group
Pain Amplifiers like “Avoid Denial”
Leaving someone hanging with _________ like this to make people notice what’s missing.
All consumer direct marketing is based on outgoing message, delivery media (internet, postcards, flyers, billboard, whatever) and call-to-action (i.e. call for more info, call me for a free consultation).
Recently, a more common problem to real estate marketing

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Free Network Marketing Tips – Is MLM Killing You? Learn This Today

If you read these free network marketing tips, I bet you will see where you have been making mistakes in your business. I failed at MLM for over five years until I learned the secrets about to be revealed in this article. Network marketing is a great way to earn income. Once you learn how to do it effectively. Your network marketing company continues to teach old school MLM tactics that no longer work in 2008.

If you want to succeed at MLM today use the tools of Internet marketing to build your business with an endless stream of prospects coming to your website. Internet network marketing is the easiest way to reach people who may be interested in an opportunity. Bothering your family and friends is the way to lose family and friends. They aren’t even suitable candidates for an MLM business.

If you learn how to use the Internet correctly, you can reach the right people at the right time and turn your leads into sign-ups for your business. There is no other way to reach so many people at one time. The Internet is where people are today and where they research new things. Compare that to using the 3 foot rule and talking to 10 or 20 uninterested people.

These free network marketing tips will give you some great ideas to improve your results and get more sign-ups.

Online you can target the people who are actively searching for what you offer. Using free and inexpensive advertising. You can find them and lead them to your website. For a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time it takes to meet enough people.

You have the world at your fingertips with the Internet and can have customers and prospects from all over the world. These are people actually interested in the business and your very best target will be the people who are already involved in network marketing but are looking for a new opportunity.

Most MLM earners do not use old-school network marketing tactics. Instead they have switched over to effective Internet marketing skills which work perfectly fine for building leads. Are you still sending people to your company built replicated website? That does not work! With Internet marketing, people are joining you because they think you will be a good leader and can teach them how to succeed. So you must have your own website to sell them on you, not the opportunity.

You’ll not be totally in control of your own business until you master the Internet and use it to generate red hot prospects and targeted leads for little or no cost. If you learn Internet network marketing and the skills it takes to drive people to a website. You will finally succeed in building a large downline that earns you money every time you run an ad.

When you have your own website. You are the expert and people will look at you as an expert. And be a lot more likely to sign up directly with you instead of someone else. It’s important to have your own blog and build your own lead generation system with a built-in funnel that will even earn you money on than 90% of people who did not join you.

The very best way to do this is to lead off with free information that helps them build any network marketing business. Next, you want to get them to opt in to your autoresponder. In order to get a free bonus gift so that you’ll be able to follow up with them at any time in the future. Give people free network marketing tips that will help them.

So giving away all that free stuff, how is that going to be earning money?

After the opt in to your subscription list, you will direct them to an offer for a product. This product should be a low-cost entry-level products, about $20. That is directly related to helping them build a business for any opportunity. Magnetic sponsoring has a great system for free. If you can send people to it and they buy it you’ll earn a nice commission. Now if you run an advertisement you have a chance to earn back that cost instantly as you build your list.

Using a blog or a website of your own makes it easy for you to get personal with your prospects and let them get to know you and about you as a person versus trying to sell them your opportunity to start off with.

Blogs are very simple and easy to build and write content for. This simple act of blogging every day can drive free traffic from search engines, as well as give you a location to send people for more information.

Do you see the beauty of this funded proposal solution?

Most network marketers lose money on every advertisement and wind up quitting because they run out of money.

Using a low cost fund proposal, you will pay for all your advertising. Almost every time. This will allow you to continue advertising, constantly driving a steady stream of prospects right to your webpage. Which will result in growth of your list and more prospects for you to call and introduce yourself and your opportunity.

Your personal blog or website should have lots of free information, pictures and videos to make it easy for people to see who you are and what you are about. It’s where you want to show how much you know and how much you can teach them about network marketing and success. You don’t want to be all about business or your opportunity. Instead welcome them and offer them assistance and ideas that will make them better network marketer.

It’s important to have your own system for Internet network marketing, which will be a lead generation system that brings a steady stream of prospects to you. It must have an instant income generator for your business so that you can continue to advertise on a regular basis.

With the millions of opportunity seekers online. It makes a perfect marketing method for finding great prospects for any network marketing or MLM opportunity. As long as you sell yourself before you even bring up your opportunity. You’ll have great success getting a steady stream of new leads who already want to work with you.

It’s time to stop buying leads and start building your own funnel and lead generation system for your network marketing business. And forget all about chasing warm leads. When you can use the power of the Internet and the systems available with Internet marketing to generate thousands of leads every month.

With your own website and your own great content to search engines will send you more and more traffic for free. As time goes on and you continue to put out more and more content all over the Internet. This is what makes Internet network marketing so powerful and so useful in building your downline. Use these free network marketing tips and keep your eyes out for more.

I guarantee you every network marketing pro out there is using Internet marketing to the fullest and taking advantage of the millions of opportunity seekers online around the world. The more you study Internet marketing, the better your results will be.

SMS Marketing – Reach the Target Customers in ‘Real Time’

In actual sense, authentic marketing is basically not the art of selling what you make but knowing what to make. Moreover, it can be defined as the art of understanding and identifying the needs of the customers and offering solutions that would deliver satisfaction to them, benefits for the stakeholders and profits for the producers. As such, for any business enterprise the strategy of marketing should be considered to be the basic tool to success. Moreover, the images and messages are paralleled and very important in the so-called marketing process. Both these factors can be delivered in varied manners. In this high-tech world, a myriad of innovative techniques are adopted for making the marketing process effective. These days, text messages or the SMS enjoys an amazing craze among the masses. As such, it has been witnessed that SMS marketing is steadily becoming popular in the market. Moreover, this process is gaining popularity due to the extensive use of mobile phones by the people. Thus, with the growing popularity of the mobile phones, this technique of marketing is quite logical and effective too.

Today, we are living in an age where technology governs almost all the factors. As such, the technique of mobile marketing promises abundant opportunities. Moreover, with this process of SMS service the advertisers can directly communicate with the target customers. However, it must be mentioned that the messages should be short, crispy and relevant to gear up the appropriate nerves of the target people.

Though, it is quite obvious that effective marketing definitely follows certain steps like promotion, planning, execution of the conception, distribution of goods and pricing etc., the actual intention is to astir the target customers. With these SMS marketing solutions, you can directly maintain long-time relationship with your customers. The messages should be however promotional and interactive in nature. Moreover, the business enterprises can even opt for multimedia messaging options such as MMS etc.

Moreover, the most important factor the SMS text messaging technique delivers messages in ‘real time’. Moreover, the web based SMS service can truly maintain strong customer relationships at ease. The end users are definitely impressed by the fact that the brand they are using also take certain interest to inform them its latest developments and launches. The SMS gateways can be used by the business enterprises to deliver logos, ringtones and recent news to their customers base. These gateways can be accessed by presenting values to the HTTP API Server by the GET or POST method.

The SMS delivery solutions are at the most regarded to be the best method to spread the required message to the concerned customers directly. This solution can even include WAP Push SMS, picture messages and flash messages too. Here, the VoIP switches would support with an innovative Sender Identification besides managing and creating the sub-accounts with the administrative rights. As such, to master effective marketing process, you must have appropriate mind share before you try to access market share.

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